Novato Sports and Community Park

Novato Sports and Community Park

The Novato Sports and Community Park plan seamlessly blends state-of-the-art sports and recreational facilities with a newly created Community Park -- all in harmony with the natural environment that mixes with and surrounds all elements of the park.

A key component of the project plan is to provide the Novato and greater Marin County communities with much-needed recreational and sports facilities that, in large part, will be utilized by local youth sports teams, schools and adult recreational groups.  The Novato Sports and Community Park will serve a wide range of sports, from baseball/softball to “field sports” such as soccer, lacrosse, rugby and football, as well as offering training facilities, parklands and biking/walking/jogging trails.

The Community Park

A key component of the Novato Sports and Community Park is the dedication of a 12-acre community park to be constructed, maintained and operated by the operators of Novato Sports and Community Park at no cost to the public. This community park is open to the public and will include:

  • Shaded picnic areas
  • One-acre dog park
  • Little League baseball field
  • Youth-sized multi-purpose field for soccer, lacrosse, rugby, etc.
  • Children’s “spray-ground” and splash pad
  • Children’s play equipment and a rock climbing feature
  • Beach volleyball courts
  • Bocce Ball courts
  • Versa-Courts
  • Snack Bar and Restrooms


The Sports Facilities

The Novato Sports and Community Park is composed of four separate facilities capable of hosting lessons, programs, camps and clinics, league and tournament play:

  • The Baseball/Softball Facility:  Four non-lighted turf fields suitable for varying levels of youth baseball and adult softball, including a snack bar and restrooms;
  • The Multi-Sport Facility:  Two non-lighted international sized turf fields to accommodate field sports such as soccer, rugby, lacrosse and football, including a snack bar and restrooms;
  • The Future Prospects Training Center:  An indoor baseball and softball training center including batting cages, a strength and conditioning room and a covered half-field practice area;
  • The Regulation Field at Novato Sports and Community Park: An unlighted regulation-sized field that could seat up to 500 spectators.

The Interpretive Center

In conjunction with the Hamilton Wetlands Restoration Project and the Bay Trail, the Novato Sports and Community Park will include an interpretive pavilion to educate and inform visitors about the native ecological and historical aspects of the wetlands restoration project, which lies just to the east of Novato Sports and Community Park.

The Development

The Novato Sports and Community Park Sports and Community Park project will be planned, designed and constructed in strict compliance with the Closure and Post-Closure Maintenance Plan (“CPCMP”) for Landfill 26. The project shall maintain the integrity of the landfill cap and will be subject not only to state, local and federal laws and regulations but also to the final approval of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in association with the regulatory agencies with jurisdiction over Landfill 26.

In addition, the Novato Sports and Community Park project includes the construction of a new access road serving both the sports park and the Wetlands Restoration Project and Interpretive Center. The new road will replace the existing Todd Road that skirts the southern edge of the property adjacent to the contiguous residential neighborhoods.


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Answers to Key Community Questions

Several Novato residents have asked questions regarding the Novato Sports and Community Park proposal.  This section of the website is intended to provide accurate, fact-based information regarding the proposal for a recreational sports and community park.

  • Is this truly a public/private partnership?

    The project is intended to create a public-private partnership whereby a percentage of the revenues from the for-profit venture are used to pay for the community benefit components (e.g. the community park). This type of partnership will provide a means by which the public benefit portion of the development can be constructed, operated and maintained over time.
  • Is this park more for out-of-town visitors or for Novato residents?

    The Novato Sports and Community Park and the Community Park are primarily for use by residents of Hamilton and Novato, as well as for residents of greater Marin County. Weekday usage will focus on local youth and adult sports teams playing on the fields, along with lessons and clinics provided to local youths to improve their playing skills. Local residents will be the primary users of the Community Park. There will be no maintenance or operating costs to the leagues or to the community. On weekends, there will be youth sports tournaments including both local residents and others who will be visiting from out of town, who are primarily young families with children. On weekdays, local youth teams will have use of the new fields at the same low rate they pay for public fields.
  • Is there a risk of bankruptcy with this project?

    As with any business venture, there is always an inherent risk. However, unlike most such sports parks, Novato Sports and Community Park will be incorporating the already very successful Future Prospects baseball program into the project. This business has existed for more than a decade and should mitigate any potential financial risks.

    The key to continued success of Novato Sports and Community Park is the diversity of the business model. Novato Sports and Community Park will offer not only youth baseball, but also fields for soccer, lacrosse and rugby. There are currently in operation hundreds of such sports parks in the country that are thriving as the youth sports market has been growing rapidly. The vast majority of these parks are operating very successfully and provide substantial public benefit in the communities where they are built.
  • How many annual visitors to the sports park should we expect?

    First, it is important to know that traffic into and out of the sports park will be dispersed throughout the days during which the park is in operation as there will be minimal use of the park for single events that will cause traffic flow at one time. Moreover, park usage will be at staggered times throughout the day, thus significantly reducing any potential traffic congestion.

    Additionally, we anticipate the community park we are building, operating and maintaining, such as the dog park, children’s play park and other amenities of the community park, will be utilized primarily by local residents.
  • How will parking be handled on the landfill?

    Under current plans, no parking will be placed on the Landfill area.
  • Can we expect traffic jams in the area?

    The City of Novato commissioned a preliminary traffic impact analysis that will be supplemented in the upcoming Environmental Impact Report (EIR). The preliminary study indicates that the sports park will not have a substantial impact on traffic in the area, particularly on Nave Drive. There are no immitigable impacts. Traffic engineers rate traffic from A – E, with A being the best. For all ten intersections closest to the park, all are rated A – C, except for the left turn out of the Los Robles Mobile Home Park, currently rated an E. In an effort to improve the traffic situation at Los Robles Mobile Home Park, the addition of a traffic light is being studied that would provide needed relief to mobile home park residents and provide them with a long-sought traffic-alleviating addition to the area.
  • How many seats are currently planned for the ballpark?

    The revised proposal calls for a regulation field with seating for up to 500 spectators, which is a fraction of the seating capacity at the football fields at San Marin High School or Novato High School. The ballpark is planned for the use of high school baseball teams and for events such as the Marin County Athletic League championships and the North Coast Section tournament. There will be exhibition games and collegiate “showcases” where high school aged ballplayers can try out before groups of collegiate coaches. However, the seating capacity is something we will continue to study.
  • Will Novato Sports and Community Park have lights?

    The current plan is to study two alternatives in the Environmental Impact Report (EIR). Alternative A contemplates no lighting. Alternative B will study potential lighting impacts.
  • Will beer and wine be sold at Novato Sports and Community Park?

    Wine and beer will be available as is the case at many other sports complexes. As responsible park operators we will train our staff in the T.E.A.M. (Techniques for Effective Alcohol Management) program that has successfully been proven to address alcohol-related issues at public gathering venues throughout the world.
  • How will the proposed project impact the Wetlands Restoration Project?

    The California Environmental Quality Act and the associated Environmental Impact Report will address these issues comprehensively. We believe the addition of youth sports facilities and a community park some 500 yards away will not adversely impact the some 1,000 acres of new habitat and tidal marsh created by the Hamilton Wetlands Restoration Project. In this regard, no local, regional, state or federal agency associated with the Hamilton Wetlands Restoration Project has expressed any notable concern.
  • How does the proposal benefit the community and the project management team?

    There will be substantial public benefits to the Novato community as this proposal will be built utilizing private money to pay for costs to construct, develop, operate and maintain the Novato Sports and Community Park, New Access Road and the Community Park

    The project management team is a local group with members who live and work in Novato and have a desire and a vision to see kids succeed at sports and recreational pursuits. We believe that these new facilities will help achieve these goals.

    As in the case with any other good business partner in Novato, this business will pay taxes, produce jobs for local residents, sponsor community events and fundraisers, provide and maintain community facilities that would otherwise not exist, and be a good neighbor in Hamilton and the greater Novato community.

    As planned, this proposal will create new full and part time jobs with a preference for local hiring and newfound economic benefits to businesses throughout Novato and Marin County.

    Among the parkland, educational and recreational benefits for the community, delivered at no cost to the public.

    • - A 12-acre Community Park including a much needed dog park, Little League field, a youth soccer field, bocce ball courts, picnic area, and other amenities for people of all ages.

    • - A new access road that will divert traffic and trucks servicing the Phase Two Bel Marin Keys Restoration Project away from the neighborhoods.

    • - An enhanced biking/jogging/walking trail plan that includes an additional 3.5 miles of trails that will link together with existing paths and trails in the area ncluding the Bay Trail and Ammo Hill.

    • - A Community Benefits Plan to be agreed upon with the City of Novato that will provide for local hiring preferences, local access rights and other benefits.
  • Will security be provided at no cost to the community?

    Security will be provided on a 24-hour basis at no cost to the community and will serve to enhance the safety of the neighborhood.
  • How will noise affect the surrounding neighborhoods?

    Noise mitigation is very important to us and as such we will comply with all noise regulations in the City of Novato. Also, apart from the ballpark, the facility will close at dusk and there will be many times where minimal activity will occur at the sports park. We are committed to operating a facility that produces as little noise as possible, given the use. Additionally, weekend usage will be staggered during the day with only a few teams left playing on Sundays and those teams will typically be leaving by 5:00 p.m.
  • What use is the land in question designated for?

    The original 1993 Hamilton Master Plan and the 1999 Community Park plan conceived by the City of Novato, and announced to neighboring home-buyers before purchasing their homes, both included an 80-acre sports and recreation park with lighted sports fields, sport courts and an amplified public address system. Additionally, the area is designated Parkland (including sports and recreational uses) by the City of Novato General Plan. The donation of the Community Park will add to the Parkland designation by providing 12 acres of open space park at no cost to the community.
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